Convening 10 March 2015
FAITH AND FREEDOM. A Symposium on Pluralism, Blasphemy, Tolerance

Faith and Freedom
A Symposium on Pluralism, Blasphemy, Tolerance

Seminar n.667, March 2015

The new issue of Seminar magazine collects essays and contributions from our Venice-Delhi Seminars 2013, held in New Delhi, India, and organized by Reset-DoC in partnership with the magazine, India Habitat Centre and Jamia Millia Islamia, the Islamic University of Delhi. International scholars, writers and activists gathered from October 10 to 12, 2013 to discuss “Religious Pluralism and Freedom of Expression in India and Europe: Coexistence and Mutual Respect, Rights to Protect, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Worship, Blasphemy, Ethics of Responsibility”.

The seminar has critically examined a topic that has gained renewed urgency and interest after the tragic Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris: the growing tension between the democratic need to protect differences, the right to freedom of expression and the vital need for modern democracies to guarantee peaceful coexistence between majorities and minorities, as well as freedom of worship in conditions of cultural and religious pluralism protected from the extremist excesses of demands based on ethnicity and identity.

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