Convening 2 November 2020
Europe at a Crossroads after the Shock
Fondazione Corriere della Sera + ONLINE
October 26 & November 2nd – 6PM CET

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“Road to Recovery: ever closer Union or forced cohabitation?” (26/10) HERE

“How to defend democracy amid global disorder?” (2/11) HERE


Thanks to all of the distinguihed speakers and (virtual) audience who joined us in this double initiative organized in cooperation with Fondazione Corriere della Sera, which set the stage for two highly productive debates on the challenges ahead for the European Union – on institutional, political and economic grounds.

If you missed them, check the links above to review the sessions of your interest.

And stay tuned for the conference’s follow up…



Hit at its heart by the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Union has found over the course of 2020 the strength to provide a “titanic” response to the impact of that calamity. With the Next Generation EU package approved by July’s European Council, governments have agreed to mobilize the unprecedented amount of 750 billion € to fight the socio-economic downfall of its most vulnerable regions, and hopefully lay the ground for their relaunch.

Three months after that historic agreement, awaiting its final adoption, the EU’s fate appears suspended, at a double crossroads. On the one hand, a chance to build on the most revolutionary aspects of that “leap forward” – first of all, the mandate to the Commission to collect common resources on the markets and soon through European taxes – to make the integration project advance again, fighting back neo-nationalistic temptations. On the other hand, the fear that the agreement paves the way for more suspicion, infighting and division, undermining the ambitions of the upcoming Conference for the Future of the EU.

On the international front, at the same time, the Union has rediscovered itself surrounded by growing tensions and crises in all directions. Northwards, the again unsolvable rebus of Brexit. Eastwards, the hardening of Russia and Belarus’ autocrats towards any dissent. A stance as uncompromising as that of the Turkish regime, increasingly threatening – militarily too – across the Mediterranean. Westwards, finally, the democratic convulsions of its historic ally. A scenario which calls EU governments to choose the path at another inescapable crossroads: providing commons institutions with the “geopolitical” tools demanded by the Commission, or finally renouncing any international political ambition.

It is around these crucial questions that Reset DOC in cooperation with the Fondazione Corriere della Sera intends to foster a high-level international debate with some of the most acute scholars and analsyst of EU affairs, as well as key decision-makers, with a view to discuss risks and opportunities, and outline possible policy strategies.

The project will be organized in two sessions of reflection and debate – each of them dedicated to one of the key challenges at stake: internal reform, international standing.

The proceedings of this initiative will later be collected and published in a monograph edited by Reset DOC, Europe at a crossroads after the shock.



Monday, October 26th 2020

Road to Recovery: ever closer Union or forced cohabitation?



  • Next Generation EU: Europe’s Hamilton moment or quick fix?
  • How to renovate institutions to ensure effective governance and relaunch?
  • Ten years later, can Treaties be changed again?
  • How to make the Conference on the Future of the EU fruitful?


18.00 Welcome and opening

Giancarlo Bosetti (ResetDOC)

Piergaetano Marchetti (Fondazione Corriere della Sera)

Alberto Saravalle (University of Padua)


18.15 European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni

          interviewed by Federico Fubini (Corriere della Sera)


18.45 Roundtable

Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS)

André Sapir (ULB / Bruegel)

Vivien Schmidt (Boston University)

Chair: Federica Zoja (ResetDOC)


19.30  Debate and conclusions


Monday, November 2nd 2020

How to defend democracy amid global disorder?



  • After Brexit, a geopolitical Union?
  • How to respond to the Putin-Lukashenko “double provocation”?
  • Is the EU able/willing to become the global guarantor of democracy and the rule of law?
  • How to renovate CFSP to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of decision-making?


18.00    Welcome and (re)opening


18.10    Keynote speech

Timothy Garton Ash (University of Oxford)


18.30  Roundtable

Marta Dassù (Aspen Institute)

Bernard Guetta (Journalist and MEP)

Shada Islam (European Policy Center)

Chair: Simone Disegni (ResetDOC)


19.15 Closing Talk with Italy’s Minister for European Affairs Enzo Amendola 

interviewed by Francesca Basso (Corriere della Sera)



In consideration of the delicate epidemiologic situation, the event will take place in mixed form, with the “main stage” of each session in Milan and speakers joining by video-conference.

All debate sessions will be live-streamed, and accessible later, to the widest audience through the dedicated digital channels of Reset DOC and Corriere della Sera.

The working languages will be English and Italian, with simultaneous translation.