• Moncef Djaziri 22 November 2019
    Two presidents of the Libyan Central Bank (each one printing its own bills), practically two national oil companies with two distinct policies for the management of oil resources, two governments, and two parliaments. Despite the UN’s efforts, the contending Libyan parties have no yeat reached an accord, isn’t the road of dialogue and diplomacy leading to a stalemate?
  • A conversation with Laura Boldrini, spokesperson for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR. By Ilaria Romano 22 April 2011
    In recent days the UNHCR has invited donor countries to provide the necessary financial assistance needed for humanitarian aid in Libya and neighbouring countries. In the meantime it continues to work with local agencies on the shores of the Mediterranean. In some cases work also consists of searching for people who have taken to the sea and for whom all trace has been lost.
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