• Maurizio Ferrera 17 June 2019
    Identity politics emphasizes difference: that is not a good way of keeping and promoting social and political cohesion. I agree with Mark Lilla, says Maurizio Ferrera commenting on his book ” The Once and Future Liberal. The question is how to revive equal and free citizenship and update the new challenges and new configurations of risks, needs and opportunities in the 21st century.
  • Mark Lilla 28 May 2019
    A problem not only amongst American liberals but increasingly amongst the Left throughout the West: identity versus citizenship. Differences amongst people became more important than what they have in common. The Identity Politics created a vacuum which the radical right took over, says Mark Lilla in his book “The Once and Future Liberal”.  
  • Zygmunt Bauman 13 May 2013
    Claiming that reason and our normative concepts change together with the human practices and the challenges that the human condition and social reality are positing, Zygmunt Bauman maintains that politics today has to accommodate the fact of multiculturalism brought about by globalization. Given the changing patterns of global migration, diasporas and communities nowadays extend over many sovereign territories and bring to the political agenda the issue of ‘art of living with a difference’. The challenge we are facing is to balance the yearning for individual freedom of self-creation with its in-built inconclusiveness, uncertainty, hesitation and contradictions under the liquid-modern conditions with the equally strong desire of security that only communities can offer. The answer to this challenge is the creation of a truly global public space, in which we can renegotiate our multiple identities and restructure networks on the basis of global interdependencies and interactions.
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