• Evan Pheiffer 26 February 2021
    The new US administration may well change its approach to Turkey, yet Erdoğan’s regime is unlikely to significantly review the foundations of its self-assigned macro-regional role— that of a revisionist player, ready to embark on a number of political and military adventures to assert its power and “right the wrongs of colonialism”. Yet someone, at some point, will call the bluff. So claims historian Kerem Öktem, a leading scholar on contemporary Turkish history and politics, in this talk with Reset DOC discussing AKP’s foreign policy in the age of Biden.
  • Marco Cesario 31 May 2010
    The challenges posed by globalisation, the AKP’s foreign policy, the Kurds and the Armenians. The 2010 Istanbul Seminars ended with a debate on Turkey, a country that in the immediate future will be called upon to face increasingly difficult challenges, not least that of the tricky process of joining the Club of 27. There are still a number of problems to be solved. There is Northern Cyprus, the Armenian and Kurdish issues, but also the completion of modernisation plans to prevent Turkey from drifting towards radical nationalism and religious extremism.
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