• Maurizio Ferrera 17 June 2019
    Identity politics emphasizes difference: that is not a good way of keeping and promoting social and political cohesion. I agree with Mark Lilla, says Maurizio Ferrera commenting on his book ” The Once and Future Liberal. The question is how to revive equal and free citizenship and update the new challenges and new configurations of risks, needs and opportunities in the 21st century.
  • Mark Lilla 28 May 2019
    A problem not only amongst American liberals but increasingly amongst the Left throughout the West: identity versus citizenship. Differences amongst people became more important than what they have in common. The Identity Politics created a vacuum which the radical right took over, says Mark Lilla in his book “The Once and Future Liberal”.  
  • Will Kymlicka, Part I 18 January 2016
    “There is nothing new about living together, the question today is how to build Nation States that can integrate minorities in a more respectful and inclusive way without undermining social cohesion“, asks the political philosopher Will Kymlicka. But not only minorities have legitimate claims of justice: how can we fulfil these claims without undermining social cohesion?  
  • Christopher Hein, director of the Italian Council for Refugees, talks to Ilaria Romano 21 March 2011
    Events in the Arab world have destroyed the status quo and resulted in instability that is leading to new migratory waves. Are the figures really so alarming? Can these geopolitical events be seen only as a border control issue? Decidedly not, according to Christopher Hein, director of the CIR, the Italian Council for Refugees, who provides us with a broader overview of a still evolving phenomenon.
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