• Nader Hammami 23 December 2020
    The terrorist murder of French professor Samuel Paty in the Paris suburb in autumn 2020 has re-opened a debate concerning the liberty of teaching, freedom of expression and the role of secularism in a pluralist society. What is the specific nature of French laïcité? To what extent is there a growing confrontation with a part of the Muslim world? Why has this provoked a diplomatic incident between France and Turkey, and more broadly the boycott of French products in many Muslim countries? The on-going ideological debate concerning the role of religion in a secular society, has shown both its local and international implications, where many different actors use it for various strategic purposes. This dossier on the one hand will discuss the boundaries, the origins and the contemporary effects of freedom of expression and laïcité comparing the French, the Western and the Muslim contexts. On the other hand, it will analyse the geopolitical, local and international stakes of this debate.
  • Giuseppe Didonna 19 April 2013
    After long legal proceedings involving the Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk and novelist Elif Şafak, once again Turkey hits the headlines with news of a court order against one of the most illustrious personalities of the country - pianist Fazil Say. Virtuoso musician, he has played with some of the most important philharmonic orchestras in the world, including Tokyo’s, New York’s and Berlin’s. Proceedings against Say started last October when a prosecutor acted on complaints by individuals who said they had been offended by the musician’s comments on his Twitter account.
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