Arab Media Report

An observatory on TV, press and social networks

In 2013, Reset DOC has launched an Italian-language project called Arab Media Report (, fully sponsored by a start-up grant awarded by ENI to last until the end of 2014.

The goal of this project is to develop a deeper knowledge and greater awareness of media in Arab countries and in countries with a Muslim majority among the general public. Indeed, satellite/terrestrial TV and digital social media are currently shaping new cultural, social and political horizons in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Due to current lack of funding by the start-up partner ENI, Reset DOC has suspended this project in 2015, and is currently looking for new sponsors.

Depending on the availability of new grants, the association wishes to increase Arab Media Report’s scientific research on the world of Arab media.
AMR has already started to produce monographs on specific topics such as “Women in the Arab media”, “The Turkish Soap Opera in the Arab World: Entertainment, a neo Ottoman hegemony?”, “The Syrian fiction: a failed attempt of modernization”, as well as new essays about the Tunisian Media, Fethullah Gulen’s media empire in Turkey, and Media in Iran, published both in Italian and English.

Published AMR Monographs

_ La fiction siriana. Mercato e politica della televisione nell’era degli Asad
_ Le donne nei media arabi. Tra aspettative tradite e nuove opportunità

_ The Turkish Touch. Neo-ottoman Hegemony and Turkish Television in the Middle East
_ The Tunisian Media: Between Polarization and Compromise
_ Revolution Decoded: Iran’s Digital Media Landscape
_ Fethullah Gulen’s Media Empire (forthcoming)