The Reset Dialogues on Illiberal Trends

A series of debates in the United States and Italy

What are liberal democracy’s greatest weaknesses in the face of spreading populist movements? What can reform-minded liberals do to loosen the tightening knot of anger and nationalist extremism? In order to achieve a truly inclusive and open public sphere where no dominant perspective is imposed from above – and where values and proposals are freely discussed and challenged Reset Dialogues on Civilizations has launched a new series of seminars and public lectures focused on the Illiberal Trend affecting contemporary democracies. 


This requires reasonable and reasoning citizens who are ready to exchange arguments, to respect their fellow citizens, and engage in deliberation in order to identify a consensus amidst competing values and perspectives. Extreme political polarization is undermining this process in contemporary democratic regimes, creating divisions that cannot be mediated and ideological counter-positions that transform fellow citizens in enemies who aim at defeating each other rather than cooperating for the common good. That is why the Reset Dialogues on the Illiberal Trend have and will analyze the causes of democratic fragility and deconsolidation.


Recent Speakers: Giuliano Amato, Anthony Appiah, Karen Barkey, Seyla Benhabib, Sheri Berman, Stanley Greenberg, Mark Lilla, Yascha Mounk, Chiara Saraceno, Michael Walzer.




The Illiberal Trend ‘19: The Dialogues of Reset. Learn to Change

The Illiberal Trend ‘20: The Trap of Polarization and the Erosion of Democratic Discourse

The Illiberal Trend ‘20: Resetting Liberalism




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