• This ideology is put in practice by resurrecting the early concept of Islamic Jihad (Holy War) in its most violent and aggressive forms against an environing world of paganism, polytheism, idolatry, godlessness, infidelity, atheism, apostasy and unbelief known to that ideology as the Jahiliyyah of the 20th century.

    The ultimate goal for Islamism is to save the contemporary world from this Jahili condition – imposed on it by the modern West – pretty much the way the rise and rapid spread of Islam 13 centuries ago saved the world from the very similar Jahili condition that dominated it at that time.

    The proceedings of this grand salvivic project are already manifestly evident: (1) In the re-Islamization processes presently underway in currently “nominally” Muslim countries and societies, (2) in the internal armed Jihad against the apostate regimes dominating at present all so-called Muslim states and ruling all so-called Muslim countries and (3) in the external grand Jihad against the global unholy alliance of Western Crusaderism with world Jewism, Zionism and Israelism.

    Islamism as ideology and practice is:
    (a) Fundamentalist, because it presents itself as the authentic movement of return to and retrieval of the now forgotten “fundamentals” (usul) and “basics” (usus) of Islam, with special emphasis on the lapsed imperative and duty of Jihad itself. (b) Revivalist, because it presents itself as the primary agent of the double process of reviving those fundamentals, as active beliefs and efficacious practices, in the lives of Muslims and of reviving the currently hibernating masses of the Muslim World by injecting into their lives, hearts, minds and institutions those neglected fundamentals.

    (c) Integralist, because its immediate goal is to re-integrate all autonomous aspects, areas and spheres of modern society and life – such as the social, the economic, the political, the cultural, the scientific, the aesthetic, the domestic, the personal, the religious, the spiritual etc. – under Allah’s religion and rule as manifested in his Shari’a Law. (d) Theocratic, because its manifest program is to restore Allah’s Hakimiyyah, Sovereignty or Dominion over his rebellious human creatures during the modern period in general and the 20th century in particular via the establishment of truly Muslim states and state apparatuses.

    (e) Theonomist, because its immediate aim is the direct, literal and comprehensive implementation and application of Allah’s Shari’a Law which is absolute, indivisible and subject to no human debate. (f) Terrorist, because of its declared despair of any other method and/or means of furthering its goals and programs other than the immediate and direct attack on both the internal and the external enemy – as violently, extravagantly, spectacularly and destructively as possible – heedless of the longer-term chances of success or failure of such attacks, contemptuous of their self-destructive consequences and dismissive of their social, political and economic fall out even on Islamism itself. For, the point is to hit the enemies where it hurts most, and what can hurt more than blowing up their innocent civilians and passers by whole sale.



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