• Mona Harb 29 September 2022
    Lebanon’s unique power-sharing system used to be celebrated as a model of effective democracy in a highly diverse context. That is no longer the case. Prof. Mona Harb (AUB) explains why in the second part of this video-interview shot on the margins of Reset DOC’s 2022 Venice Seminars, “Between State and Civil Society: Who Protects Individual Liberties and Human Dignity?”
  • Lydia Wilson 3 February 2016
    Sectarianism in Lebanon is a problem rather than a solution, says Lydia Wilson, a researcher from Cambridge University. This very rigid framework that we see along sectarian lines gives people the feeling that they can’t change anything at social, religious and political level and many are planning to leave because they see no hope, even if they want a change to happen. But now that people’s fear has increased, with the imminent threat from ISIS, they feel protection only by the sect, the community.  
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