• Abdel Aziz Hali 2 December 2021
    Contrary to what most readers of the written press think, satire has played an important role in the Tunisian media landscape as it always has done in publications such as ‘Le Canard Enchaîné’ and ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in France. In fact, satire was never more manifest in Tunisia, than it was preceding independence. Wielding this particular style as their sword, our journalistic knights, in upholding their belief in freedom of expression, sought to combat political correctness and continue the crusade against censorship, while cleverly evading prohibitions and taboos with great subtlety.
  • Giuseppe Acconcia 18 April 2013
    Egyptian Islamists do not have a sense of humour. While one of the Muslim Brotherhood government’s first provisions was to delete the anti-regime graffiti painted on the walls of central Cairo during the 2011 uprisings, in recent months censorship has been imposed on the independent press, films and lastly on the two best known Egyptian comedians. Adel Imam played a leading role in the history of the country’s cinema while Bassem Youssef implemented a new way of presenting political satire that was instantly a success.
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