• Giancarlo Bosetti 4 January 2023
    Ratzinger shared with Habermas a “post-secular” vision, namely the idea that for contemporary societies the classical narrative of modernity as secularization, disenchantment and the abandonment of religion to the margins of society, or its confinement to the private sphere, should be discarded. Both saw the value in the possibility that from a dialogue between public reason and faith, both sides could benefit or, going further, that processes of “mutual learning” could be initiated.
  • Giancarlo Bosetti 14 February 2013
    “An act of bravery” is the most appropriate definition of a gesture, the resignation of Benedict XVI, which has left everyone speechless, although there have been a few clues in the past that never, however, became more than faint rumours about a remote possibility, just one of many rumours in circulation, almost fiction. This is instead a real “act of bravery” as one should describe all gestures challenging tradition within a religious denomination, all the more so if this “within” is at the very top and the decision concerns the head of that tradition and of its liturgy. This was a challenge that in a vain attempt to search for precedents harked back to the end of the 13th century and the resignation of Pope Celestine V.
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