• Seán Golden 10 July 2023
    China’s foreign policy faces complexity due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It seeks access to resources and markets for its development and aims to challenge the dominance of the US, EU, and NATO. China cannot support Russia nor back NATO’s leadership. It seeks stability through diplomacy and maintains strict political control. However, Putin’s invasion and NATO’s response create strategic headaches for China, affecting its carefully promoted multipolar world order. China’s stability seems more secure than Russia’s, but uncertainties remain amid the changing global landscape.
  • Enrico Osvaldi 30 June 2023
    Putin’s lack of reaction to Prigozhin’s June 23 “march for justice” may signal more than just an attempt to avoid a bloody conflict on the streets of Russia. The outward temerity of the Russian response could indicate that a real blow was dealt to Russian morale, however this could indicate more repressive measures to come from the Kremlin.
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