• Umberto De Giovannangeli 7 May 2020
    The Israeli author, activist and daughter of the late General Moshe Dayan speaks to Reset on the prospects ahead for the country – and the region – as Benny Gantz and Amir Peretz prepare to join a new Netanyahu-led government.
  • Ilaria Romano 12 March 2013
    Several days following the September 28, 1982 massacre of Sabra and Shatila, the Israel Council of Ministers decided to establish an investigative inquiry commission to probe and to establish Israel’s responsibilities for the events in the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut. The report of the Commission chaired by Yitzhak Kahan, former head of the Supreme Court, together with Aharon Barak, Supreme Court Justice, and General Yona Efrat, was complete on February 8, 1983. Thirty years later, the Israeli State archives have published the report in full.
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