• Hussein Ibish 6 July 2023
    The US Supreme Court has issued another shocking but unsurprising ruling that arbitrarily dispenses with precedents and upends long-settled law at the expense of the historically disempowered: now African American and Latino students will be deprived of “affirmative action” programmes considering race in university admissions. However, the assumption there was a shared originary understanding of the Constitution is false since the Constitution has been aggressively colour-conscious throughout its history, mainly at the expense of minority groups
  • A large-scale cultural/physical repression project, and what the international community should do about it. The president of the World Uyghur Congress speaks with ResetDOC on the occasion of the opening of the Uyghur Tribunal, a quasi-judicial organization set up to gather evidence of human rights abuses and genocide by the Chinese government on the Uyghur population. 
  • Father Paolo Dall'Oglio talks to Antonella Vicini 9 January 2013
    Father Paolo Dall’Oglio has lived in Syria for over thirty years and is certainly an expert on the Syrian situations with all its lights and shadows. The founder of the Deir Mar Musa monastic community, in the desert north of Damascus, Father Paolo has always been committed to interreligious dialogue with the Muslim world and until last June, when he was sent away by the regime, he personally reported the tragedies he saw every day.  Reset-DoC has interviewed him.
  • A comparison between India and Europe 25 May 2011
    A special issue of the Indian magazine Seminar for Reset-Doc and an essay by Mujibur Rehman about the Muslim minority in India.
  • Nicola Missaglia 1 December 2010
    On November 17th 2010, ResetDoc and the Swiss University organisation UFSP Asia and Europe organised a conference on this subject in Zurich, on the theme “Islam in Europe”. Widely reported by the Swiss press, the event was held in the assembly hall at Zurich University, filled with students, professors and ordinary citizens, bearing witness to the fact that the need to address subjects such as pluralism, relations with Islam and European democracies, democratic dialectics between the majority and the minorities, tension between liberal principles and the traditional instruments of democratic deliberation, is a need that a rising number of people consider pressing.
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