• Ernesto Pagano interviews Jan Keulen, Director of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom 25 January 2013
    The Doha Centre for Media Freedom is an organization founded in 2008 with the political and financial support – a 4 million dollar annual budget – of Mozah bint el Misnid, the Emir of Qatar’s powerful wife. Its objective: to assist journalists whose lives are in danger and promote media freedom from the heart of the Persian Gulf. For two years Jan Keulen is at its head. Dutch, class of 1950 and a life spent as a Middle East correspondent for Volkskrant daily newspaper. This is certainly not a simple task because prior to fighting for journalistic and media freedom in the world, Qatar, Al Jazeera’s homeland, finds itself fighting against its own same contradictions: a forty year old press law, a marked attitude of self-censorship by local media and a closure towards freedom of expression by the country’s more conservative fringes. Unsurprisingly, the Doha Centre’s former director, Robert Ménard, founder of Reporters without Borders was accused by the Qatari press of having invited “the Devil in person”, Flemming Rose, director of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten that published the infamous satirical cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in 2005, to Doha. Ménard denied this incident in his book Mirages et Cheikhs en Blanc. According to the French journalist this was just a pretext to be rid of an uncomfortable presence for some elements of the country’s ruling class. In 2009, in fact, little more than a year after the Doha Centre’s inauguration, Ménard handed in his resignations
  • Message from Mohammad Khatami. Roundtable: Giuliano Amato, Alessandro Ferrara, Ali Khoshroo, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Roberto Toscano 7 June 2012
    The second Roundtable of Reset-Dialogues Istanbul Seminars 2012 (May 19-24 2012) “The promises of democracy in troubled times” took place on Sunday May 20th, 2012 at Istanbul Bilgi University. Former President of Iran, his Excellency Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, sent us his paper about Overcoming Postcolonialism: from the Civilizational Dispute to the Renewal of Dialogue. In this roundtable, Giuliano Amato, Giancarlo Bosetti, Alessandro Ferrara, Ali Khoshroo, Ramin Jahanbegloo and Roberto Toscano discussed this subject. The next roundtables will be screened online soon.More info about Istanbul Seminars 2012 here
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