• Daniele Fattibene 10 March 2015
    Throughout February, the war in Ukraine was one of the main stories in the Russian media. It is interesting to see how the Russian portrayal of events differs from the European one. An overwhelming majority of newspapers and websites presenting a “nationalist” perspective, close to the government’s positions and it is not easy to find reports that conflict with this perspective. Within this framework, the government in Kiev is often depicted as being dominated by “fascist” elements when not “pro-Nazi”, while Poroshenko appears to be rather weak and at the mercy of what is a real “war party.”
  • Father Paolo Dall'Oglio talks to Antonella Vicini 9 January 2013
    Father Paolo Dall’Oglio has lived in Syria for over thirty years and is certainly an expert on the Syrian situations with all its lights and shadows. The founder of the Deir Mar Musa monastic community, in the desert north of Damascus, Father Paolo has always been committed to interreligious dialogue with the Muslim world and until last June, when he was sent away by the regime, he personally reported the tragedies he saw every day.  Reset-DoC has interviewed him.
  • Andrea Dessì* 16 November 2012
    A growing chorus of Israeli, Palestinian and international voices are questioning whether a two-state framework for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still applicable given the current realities on the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Nineteen years since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993 and notwithstanding a massive international effort towards the creation of an independent Palestinian state, a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still a distant and by no means guaranteed outcome. The two-state framework, based on a partition of the land and the creation of a yet-to-be defined Palestinian state living side by side with Israel is by far the most accepted outcome for the conflict. It is endorsed by the great majority of domestic and international players and according to opinion polls still enjoys a sizable majority among the respective Israeli and Palestinian communities.
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