• Sadik Al-Azm 11 May 2011
    Islamists want to regain control of all of the issues in everyday life, says Syrian philosopher Sadik Al-Azm. 
There might not be an end to violence not that a reactionary 
movement exists. 
This movement wants to retrieve what has been lost, instead of pursue progressive and new ways to live Islam today.
  • Nasr Abu-Zayd 25 May 2009
    Compared to the legal discourse of early pioneers of Islamic law, this reclaimed Shari`a is very distant from the obvious meaning of the foundational sources of Islam. Muhammad of the Sura never raised his voice to any of his wives. The Qur’an bears witness to this. He was a loving husband and compassionate father to his daughters. Marriage is presented in the Qur’an in terms of tranquillity and mutual love; the husband is his wife’s own dress and she is his. They contain each other. Shari`a, after all, is a historical human understanding of the Qur’an according to medieval norms, which the Qur’an itself opposes.
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