Contributors Selcen Öner
Selcen Öner

Selcen Öner is working as a full time Prof. at Bahçeşehir University (BAU) in Istanbul at the Department of Political Science and International Relations. She was a visiting professor at LUISS University in Rome and a visiting scholar at Free University of Brussels Institute for European Studies, University of Aalborg, Free University of Berlin and Pompeu Fabra University, IBEI. Her research interests include European identity, Turkiye-EU relations, EU migration policy, and populist radical right parties in European politics. She published a book called Turkey and the European Union: The Question of European Identity by Lexington Pub. (2011). Among her recent publications: “Europe of Populist Radical Right and the Case of Lega of Salvini: Pioneer of a Parochial Europe?”, European Politics and Society, Vol. 23, No.1, 2022.



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