Volker Kaul – Biography

Volker Kaul is Research and Teaching Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Global Politics at LUISS University in Rome and lecturer at the CEA Rome Center. Moreover, he works as scientific coordinator of the Istanbul/Venice Seminars for Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations. His work focuses on the possibility of emancipation. In this regard, he works on the concepts of identity, agency, autonomy, self-knowledge, recognition, and culture. He published together with Seyla Benhabib a book entitled Toward New Democratic Imaginaries – Istanbul Seminars on Islam, Culture and Politics for Springer. Together with David Rasmussen and Alessandro Ferrara he is editing the yearly special issues of Philosophy & Social Criticism on the Istanbul Seminars since 2010. He is currently also editing together with Ananya Vajpeyi a book on Populism and Minorities based upon the Venice-Padua-Delhi Seminars 2014 and with Ingrid Salvatore a volume on What is Pluralism? The Question of Pluralism in Politics for Routledge in its book series “Ethics, Human Rights and Global Political Thought”.



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