• Kwame Anthony Appiah (Part 1/2) 22 November 2011
    Over the long history of our species, human beings have developed complex forms of identity, which make it possible to live together, says Ghanaian-British philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah , chosen by Le Nouvel Observateur as one of the 25 most important thinkers of our time. Identities change, but they are not replaced with nothing: they are replaced with changed identities. The modern economic environment requires us to live together, so we have to develop forms of identity that draw on the narratives from the past, that draw on traditional identities. But, we have to be imaginative about drawing on the past, about imagining the bits of the past that are useful to us. Identities and cultures are in constant flux, and we must draw on narratives from the past to create the common identities of the future. We interviewed Kwame Anthony Appiah during our Istanbul Seminars 2011. Watch the second part of this interview: “Culture Crosses Boundaries”
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