• Houssem Ben Lazreg, Amira Hassnaoui 29 June 2020
    From France to the UK, from Belgium to Tunisia, the anti-racist protest stemming from George Floyd’s murder has become a truly global phenomenon. Just as the history of violence of slavery and colonialism at its roots. Houssem Ben Lazreg and Amira Hassnaoui retrace the link.
  • Brahim El Guabli 31 May 2012
    Mauritania is the only country in the world where slavery exists in the real sense of the word with the exception the loathsome sponsor regime in the Gulf. Slavery simply means “ownership of a human being by another human being”; this ownership entitles the owner to treat “the owned” as a commodity that can be sold, purchased and inherited with no qualms, and without the “owned” having any say on their destiny. This shameful practice turns human beings into saleable and pursuable objects, and it so far has managed to sustain itself in Mauritania for various factors. Political corruption, lack of political will, the tribal composition of society, social norms and the vastness of the Mauritanian territory might be cited among many other factors that might explain the continuity of such a practice. Therefore, fighting a socially accepted practice, like slavery, requires a multiform struggle at the human rights, educational and politico-religious levels to deconstruct the politico-religious and social infrastructures that perdure its existence.
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