• Fabio Turco 22 December 2023
    2023 saw a major shakeup in Central and Eastern Europe. Two elections reshuffled the board in the Viségrad group, where Viktor Orban’s Hungary now remains the only constant for the last ten years. Let’s take a look at what happened and what the prospects are for the coming year. The biggest turnaround comes from the region’s most important country, Poland. Elections on 15 October saw the end of the conservative, nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) government, which was replaced by a center-liberal-progressive coalition led by Donald Tusk. His return to government – he previously served as prime minister from 2007 to 2014 – marks a 360-degree turn in Warsaw’s politics, which is re-aligning with Brussels after eight years of troubled relations.
  • Fabio Turco 24 September 2023
    All eyes may be on the October 15 elections in Poland, but the September 30 elections in Slovakia are no less important for the region. Despite its small size, over the past year and a half Slovakia has gained relevance due to its committed support to Ukraine in its war against Russia. At the same time, the country has spent years seeking internal harmony and governability in the face of great political instability. It has been subjected to the impetuous winds of populism, and these might finally bring about a radical alteration in its geopolitical course.
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