• Reset-DOC 17 December 2012
    With violence once again prevailing over dialogue in Israeli-Palestinian relations, Reset-DoC still believes that a fair and lasting solution can and must be found as quickly as possible. Andrea Dessì from the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Rome has asked five leading Israeli, Palestinian and international experts to explain us how.One, Two or Three States: What Future For the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Andrea DessìTowards a Federal One-State Solution? Interview with Ahmed MoorA Two-State Solution Might Soon Become Out of Reach: What Then?Interview with Khalil ShikakiAnd Now: Human and Civil Rights Within a Single State Interview with Gideon LevyA Solution That is not a Just One Won't Last. A Third Party To Guarantee It Interview with Hussein IbishWhy a One-State Solution Won’t Work Interview with Aaron David MillerPalestine: the UN bid doesn’t achieve anything without a broader strategy Interview with Diana Butto
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