• Umberto De Giovannangeli 28 July 2016
    Emma Bonino, the former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner as well as the Radical Party’s historical leader, has observed how one is struck by the extent of transversal purges in Turkey, as if lists had been prepared in advance, adding that she cannot tell whether Erdogan has been strengthened or weakened by recent events. “He has certainly become far more authoritarian,” she said. As far as the European Union’s attitude is concerned, the former minister observed that, “for the moment Europe has been cautions, not only because there are fifty atomic weapons stored at the Turkish base in Incirlik, but also because, perhaps above all, Europe has consigned itself to Erdogan to resolve or at least staunch the flow of migrants and refugees. The fact is that regards to this crucial issue, Europe is more dependent on the Erdogan-solution than vice versa.”
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