• Giulia Cimini 27 September 2019
    Two years ago, new and significant socio-economic and identity protests broke out in the northern Moroccan Rif region. Now, Algerian protests have thrust this crisis into the spotlight once again, as well as the other forgotten “trouble spots” that dot the Kingdom and continue to be periodically activated. A symptom of a widespread and simmering popular discontent, these protests are a sounding board for persistent and deep social and regional inequalities.
  • Alma Safira 21 June 2013
    Doha – In Qatar the world’s wealthiest citizens live alongside those now considered to be among the most exploited in the world. The emirate has the world’s highest per capita GDP of over $100,000 according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), thanks to the 77 million tons of LNG (liquefied natural gas) the country produces every year from the world’s largest reserves of natural gas. According to data in the 2013 Report on Wealth in the Middle East published by the Qatar Financial Center Authority in cooperation with Campden Wealth, there are over 4,000 millionaires in Qatar, out of a local population of about 300,000 Qataris and 290 so-called “ultra-rich” citizens with assets worth more than $30,000,000.
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