• Giancarlo Bosetti 4 January 2023
    Ratzinger shared with Habermas a “post-secular” vision, namely the idea that for contemporary societies the classical narrative of modernity as secularization, disenchantment and the abandonment of religion to the margins of society, or its confinement to the private sphere, should be discarded. Both saw the value in the possibility that from a dialogue between public reason and faith, both sides could benefit or, going further, that processes of “mutual learning” could be initiated.
  • Istanbul Seminars 2011 - Philosophers bridge the Bosphorus 12 May 2011
    The topic of Istanbul Seminars 2011 is Overcoming the Trap of Resentment. How to counter the politics of fear in an age of migrations and uncertainty? Islam and the West: the challenge of pluralism as a new political attitude to be opposed to the polarization of cultures and identities. The research of antidotes to radicalism and xenophobia. A special focus of this year will be on the role of Islam in the public sphere of democratic countries and Muslim minorities in Europe, particularly the Turkish minority in Germany. The discussion will also touch upon the changes in progress in several Arab countries and their implications for Europe and all the Mediterranean area. More information by clicking on this link.
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