• Resetdoc special issue 10 March 2015
    Reset-DoC dedicates this special issue to Tunisia’s exceptional democratic experience within a regional scenario still broadly characterised by instability, violence and new authoritarianisms, with new articles closely examining Tunisia’s post-revolutionary evolution in its media, society and politics. Today we can say that, although threatened by polarization and radicalisms, Tunisia’s transition is a success story. This is above all thanks to a search for dialogue and acceptance of democratic compromise by the key political players involved, who have understood that concessions are necessary in order to hold together the republican front of Tunisians who swear by the rule of law, while keeping at bay the twin national demons of militant Islamism and overzealous anti-Islamism.Tunisia, The Courage of CompromiseJonathan LaurenceThe Strategy of Legality and Moderation That Has Saved the Tunisian SpringAn interview with Yadh Ben AchourTunisian media and political polarization: glorifying the self, rejecting the otherFatima el IssawySurfing Tunisian media landscape: a journey in the post-revolution environmentAzzurra MeringoloThe image of women in the post-revolution Tunisian mediaMaryam Ben Salem and Atidel Mejbri
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