• Chiara Cruciati 13 May 2016
    Dust, ruins and entire districts burned to the ground; that is today’s Ramadi, the Sunni city that is the capital of the very turbulent Anbar Province. Freed by the Iraqi army at the end of last year, it now looks like a ghost city. Satellite photographs published in recent days by the Associated Press show the extent of the devastation, with over three thousand buildings destroyed, 400 roads seriously damaged, bridges reduced to dust and collapsing infrastructure. About 800 civilians have died in Ramadi and the challenge faced is now a political one.
  • Niccolò A. Figà-Talamanca, Secretary General of No Peace Without Justice 25 October 2011
    The coming twelve months will be a new test for Tunisia: the most critical task for the Constituent Assembly over the coming year will be drafting the new Constitution and establishing the system of government in a way that responds to the impetus of the revolution and meets the needs of the people of Tunisia. In so doing, they will need to turn the commitment made by the interim government into a lasting reality and they will need to do so through a process that itself promotes and protects human rights, the rule of law and democratic principles, including ensuring full participation by historically marginalised groups, including women, children and young people.
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