• Simone Disegni 12 June 2020
    After three months of painful closing, the EU is set to re-open most of internal borders. Will that be enough to revive the original free movement spirit?
  • Brahim El Guabli 26 May 2011
    The burqa battle is the tree that hides a thick forest called the general plight of Muslim and other immigrant minorities in Europe. Abdelmalek Sayad coined the notion of “double absence,” which wittily represents the fate of immigrants—and their children in particular—caught between two worlds. A world of origin to which they do not really belong except partially in their swarthy looks, linguistic code-switching, names, and religious traditions; and a world, into which they were born, raised, educated and work as any responsible citizen. This “double absence” experienced by the descendants of immigrants in Europe is a thorny question, which challenges the long-standing definitions of identity, nationalism and citizenship in Europe.
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