• 11 January 2021
    This video is a recording of the 1st panel of the conference “The Divided Society After November 3rd” held on the 23rd and 24th of November 2020 in collaboration with the Centro Studi Americani and the Italian Academy at Columbia University. In contemporary democracies, conflict over the correct policy responses to everything from the Covid-19 pandemic, economic inequality, and ethnic diversity continues unabated. In the United States in particular, this conflict has sown profound divisions between the actors of the staunch two-party system, which are not only political but have taken on a distinctly cultural hue. As the 2020 presidential election results and recent events have clearly illustrated, this divide is deeply entrenched in the political landscape and does not show signs of easing.
  • Sofia de Benedictis, Jonathan Laurence 30 June 2020
    Can the US regain its place as a beacon for democracy and multilateralism in the world? As the country moves closer to an election which could mark the end of a four-year long political maesltrom, Reset Dialogues discussed it with Thomas Wright, Director of the Brookings Institution’s Center on the United States and Europe and The Atlantic contributor.
  • Michael Walzer, Karen Barkey, Spencer P. Boyer, Sheri Berman, Jonathan Laurence, Rahsaan Maxwell 22 June 2020
    Michael Walzer, Karen Barkey, Spencer P. Boyer, Sheri Berman, Jonathan Laurence, Rahsaan Maxwell. Six powerful voices, six prominent American political thinkers on the impact of George Floyd’s murder and the challenges ahead for US democracy.
  • Giovanna Pavesi 9 June 2020
    Well before, and after, the pandemic, thousands of people lived locked down within tiny, inescapable pieces of land. The crisis provoked by Covid-19 has only reminded us all how dire such reality is, for both human bodies and minds. Take Gaza, North Korea or Kashmir, three places where the lockdown is not bound to end with the epidemic.
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