• Giancarlo Bosetti 11 January 2012
    The crux of the relationship between Islam and its journey to modernity, between the orthopraxy of this religion, with its judicial rules (shari’a) and the creation of democratic and pluralist systems, will soon become apparent. Ranging from the Egyptian Constitution to civil law, much must be rewritten, from family law to the policies needed to protect the rights of women. All of these issues are already on the agenda. Work can but start again from here to address the controversial issues that have fueled the work of the authors ResetDoc discusses here. 
  • Sadik Al-Azm 11 May 2011
    Islamists want to regain control of all of the issues in everyday life, says Syrian philosopher Sadik Al-Azm. 
There might not be an end to violence not that a reactionary 
movement exists. 
This movement wants to retrieve what has been lost, instead of pursue progressive and new ways to live Islam today.
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