Cultural Recognition as Epistemic Justice: when the Veil Gives Voice
Tarine Guima 19 October 2021

Can we unite the philosophical debates of cultural recognition and epistemic justice in order to respond to the following question: the veil gives voice? That is, when analyzing the conflicts of the debate on whether Muslim women wearing veils are or not supposed to be “saved” from this kind of supposed “oppression”, we can note that there are various philosophical, political, and moral questions intersected in this debate.

In this paper, we shall introduce the question of the veil in an interdisciplinary manner, starting from the discussion of anthropologist Lila Abu-Lughod, and the French case law, with Dawn Lyon and Debora Spini. Then, we turn to the central philosophical debate, in our enterprise to unite the cultural recognition debate and epistemic justice, with critical theory author Nancy Fraser and the ethics philosopher Miranda Fricker.



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