What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file containing data which is memorized by the computer the moment in which a particular website is opened by the respective user. The cookie is able to memorize and store user information which the website is able to read and use in the event of a return to the same page. Some of these cookies are a necessary component in the correct functioning of the site itself whereas other cookies operate in the service of the user, for example when memorizing one’s log-in details in a secure manner.


Why does Reset DOC use Cookies?

Reset DOC uses cookies in order to analyze the movement and habits of user traffic on our website, with the intention of improving its usability accordingly. Furthermore, Reset DOC uses third-party services which, in turn, also use cookies. Here is a list of such services and a hyperlink to their respective privacy regulations:

Informations on how to deactivate or manage cookie services in various browsers can be found here:


When deactivating cookies, one must bear in mind that the optimal functioning of the website may thus be compromised.

By closing the banner on this page or clicking on the link, you are consenting to the use of cookies on the Reset DOC site.

This notice regarding cookies has been updated on the 22 September, 2017. Eventual updates will continue to be published on this page.




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