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  • A selection of articles 7 January 2015
    After the tragic attack in Paris that killed twelve people (among them several well-known cartoonists) and injured many others in the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, Reset-Dialogues is offering its readers a selection of articles, interviews and videos published on this website in recent years and months. Ranging from 9/11 to the Danish cartoons affair, from the reactions inflamed by the offensive “Innocence of Muslims” film to very different events such as the Utoya killings and the Boko Haram kidnappings, these articles and their authors tackle fundamental questions and issues raised once again by a violent incident that troubles and questions democracies and liberal thought at the heart of their commitment to tolerance, freedom of speech and openness.
  • 25 July 2016
    Reset-Doc is pleased to publish and support the letters concerning recent events in Turkey that hundreds of academics, intellectuals and politicians, from around the world, have sent both to the US Government Officials, Barack Obama, John Kerry and Ashton Carter, and to the Highest Officers of the European Union, Federica Mogherini and Thorbjørn Jagland. While they disapprove the attempt to subvert the democratic process in Turkey through the military coup, these letters have been written to strongly condemn actions taken by the Turkish government in violation of human rights and rule of law. The undersigned, therefore, are calling to action the US government and the European Union to strongly criticize these violations, to closely monitor the situation and refuse to accept anything but the reversal of these authoritarian policies.
  • Giancarlo Bosetti 3 February 2014
    Massimo Rosati died suddenly after suffering a stroke. He was not yet 45 years old. “Reset” has lost a friend and a tireless co-worker, with his ideas, his blog and the projects we shared. His death was completely unexpected, and the suddenness of this break in friendly and productive contacts, in working relations, is unbelievable and painful. Until just a short moment ago there were the normal and trivial efforts made to find a suitable date for a conference on “Religion and the web”, or to plan a series of seminars and a book on religion as a “war and peace” factor.