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The Mediterranean

Mediterranean: literally the sea in the middle of lands, a bordering sea, and linking these lands. This characteristic makes the Mediterranean a sea that does belong to all the countries overlooking it, but to none in particular, a shared sea, not available for becoming private property..

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Secularisation and Post-Secularisation

“Secularisation” means the process that has above all characterised western countries during the contemporary era and led to the progressive abandonment of religious rules and sacral kinds of behaviour..

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The word genocide is nowadays used in a number of different ways and one must to try and analyse them separately, to the extent that this is possible.

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“Pan-Arabism” is a movement the objective of which is the unification of Arab peoples and nations. This is a modern cultural trend with political finalities, arising as an answer to colonialism and the West’s involvement in the Arab world..

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The Armenians

The Armenians descend from Indo-European populations who, between the 7th and 6th century B.

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A month of ideas.
Giancarlo Bosetti Editor-in-chief
Association for dialogue and intercultural understanding


Exiting violence: the Role of Religion.
From Texts to Theories

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations in partnership with Bruno Kessler Foundation and Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs - George Washington University are glad to invite you: 

Who We Are

Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations is an international association founded in 2004 committed to research and publications on cross-cultural and international relations, cultural and religious pluralism, advancements of human rights, evolution of democracy in different civilizational environments.

The Populist Upsurge and The Decline of Diversity Capital

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations in collaboration with Giorgio Cini Foundation, Ca' Foscari University and Bilgi University are glad to invite you: 

State and Political Discourse in Russia

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations is glad to invite you to the book presentation: 

New Democratic Frontiers
Face to Illiberal Trends

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations and the Department of Social and Political Sciences - University of Milan are glad to invite you to attend the book presentation:

Dialogues on the Bosphorus: A Broken Bridge
Islam, Culture and Politics

Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations, Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought, Columbia University Law School and Yale University are glad to invite you to attend the book presentation:

Venice-Delhi Seminars
Identity and Democracy in the Age of Fear

In October 2016, the international association Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations in collaboration with Giorgio Cini Foundation, Ca’ Foscari University and FIND India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues will host a discussion in Venice about two trends in the global political discourse across the board: the hardening and radicalization of group identities defined around religion, race or ethnicity, and the shift in the politics of democracies towards anti-élite and populist movements, with a resurgence in nationalism, the growing popularity of illiberal forces, and majoritarian tendencies rising to the surface.

State-building in Libya
Integrating Diversities, Traditions, Citizenship

The international think tank Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations is turning the spotlight on Libya with an upcoming meeting in Tunis to be held on September 30th, 2016. Libya’s scenario of persistent crisis, characterized by the lack of a state authority that controls the territory and assures the security of its citizens, and the formation of an interim government earlier this year, the so-called Government of National Accord (GNA), that aims at ending years of bloodshed, reveal the urgency to open a debate on a real state building process that could point the way to the consolidation of the rule of law within Libya’s borders.

Reset-DoC Award for Intercultural Dialogue 2016 Goes to Naghi Nemati

This year, the Reset-DoC Award for Intercultural Dialogue goes to the short-film "Yek an/A Moment" (Iran 2015), by Naghi Nemati.

Making Democracy One’s Own: Muslim, Catholic and Secular Perspectives in Dialogue on Democracy, Development, and Peace

This conference is a result of a collaboration between the Contending Modernities initiative of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame; the School of Global Studies of the University of Sussex; the John Cabot University Interfaith Initiative; the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway; the Religions in the Global World program of Sophia University Institute; the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See, the Policy Planning Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Reset Dialogues on Civilizations.

State and Political Discourse in Russia

After a first meeting in Berlin in 2015, and a second meeting in Washington on March 31st April 1st 2016 in collaboration with GWU and Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Reset-DoC is organizing a conference on “State and Political Discourse in Russia” to be held in Venice (June 17th – 18th, 2016).

Locating ‘Conservative Ideology’ in Today’s Russia

Russia presents itself as a new conservative power, and promotes so-called conservative values. What does this term of ‘conservatism’ mean? Can it be considered as the Kremlin’s main political language? What are the main places of ‘production’ of this conservatism, who are its main spokespersons? Can we identify diversity and plurality inside this ‘conservative’ spectrum? What does this tell us about Russian contemporary political culture?

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