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Pasquale Ferrara

Pasquale Ferrara is the Italian Ambassador in Algeria since October 2016. He has previously been First Counsellor at the Italian Embassy in Washington (2002-2006), Head of Press Service at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome (2006-2009), Head of Policy Planning Unity at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome (2009-2011) and Secretary General at the European University Institute in Florence (2011-2016). He has been Visiting Fellow at the Latin-American Political Thought in Santiago (Chile) and became Adjunct Professor at University Institute “Sophia” in Florence in 2009 and at LUISS School of Government in 2010. His areas of specialization are Theory and Practice of Contemporary Diplomacy, Negotiation and Mediation, Religions and International Relations, Mediterranean Studies, Global Governance, Regional Integration and Peace Studies. He is also author of various books including: Transnational Peace. Toward a New Pluralism in World Politics (1989), Global Religions and International Relations: A Diplomatic Perspective (2014), Francis’ World. Jorge Bergoglio and International Politics (2016); and articles: Internet speaks more and more Arabic (2008), The Run After Obama. The Expanding Atlantic (2010), Apollo in Gaza (2014), Turkey’s Twists and Turns (2015).