• Alain Touraine 16 November 2010
    «The category of immigrant is invented by and for the lowest part of the society, and immigrants are “invented” as scapegoats for issues they are not responsible for,» French sociologist Alain Touraine says in this Resetdoc video-interview. «Today in Europe the main preoccupation is not people coming from Arab countries—he adds—but from Eastern Europe.» (If you can’t watch our video, please go to our Youtube page)
  • 20 May 2010
    Racism, the symbols of Islam, the relationship between Europe and the Muslim community were at the centre of the first day of the third edition of the Istanbul Seminars, the yearly conference organised by Resetdoc at the Bilgi University. Giancarlo Bosetti, Reset’s editor-in-chief, opened the sessions, reminding everyone how fear has become the main instrument of governments in applying pressure on society’s weaker and more easily influenced groups to incite hostile sentiments such as xenophobia and racism. Nilüfer Göle, chair of the Faculty of Sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris, instead analysed the perverse perspective according to which, for many westerners, minarets symbolically represent missiles and veiled women are an omen of the imposition of Shari’ a in Europe. An article by Marco Cesario.
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