• Hussein Ibish 6 July 2023
    The US Supreme Court has issued another shocking but unsurprising ruling that arbitrarily dispenses with precedents and upends long-settled law at the expense of the historically disempowered: now African American and Latino students will be deprived of “affirmative action” programmes considering race in university admissions. However, the assumption there was a shared originary understanding of the Constitution is false since the Constitution has been aggressively colour-conscious throughout its history, mainly at the expense of minority groups
  • Marina Forti 11 September 2015
    There is a relatively privileged social group in India that is in turmoil wanting to be included in the quota system that privileges the most disadvantaged castes. The Patels’ revolt reopens the debate on policies involving “Reservation” intrinsic to India. However, it also marks the failure of the economic model envisaged by Prime Minister Modi.
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