The Venice Seminars

An international forum and summer school on the prospects for democracy, human rights, secularism and religion across different cultures.

The Venice Seminars, in partnership with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, have established themselves as a remarkable cultural appointment for a recognizable community of scholars, able to promote and consolidate a network of cultural, intellectual and academic relationships among senior and junior scholars in the social sciences, political theory, sociology, legal and religious studies. Thanks to its cross-cultural inspiration, the Venice Seminars function as an original think tank for a thorough understanding of the challenges facing democracy, politics and international relations in the 21st-century world. 


In the past four years, this annual event has seen an increasing number of participants and scholars, expanding its worldwide reach, and it is establishing itself as a major meeting point for experts in the fields of human, social and political sciences.










Recent speakers, faculty and participants

Giuliano Amato, Lisa Anderson, Najib George Awad, Albena Azmanova, Seyla Benhabib, Giancarlo Bosetti, Daniele Brombal, Craig Calhoun, Marina Calloni, José Casanova, Alessandro Ferrara, Timothy Garton Ash, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab, Volker Kaul, Sudipta Kaviraj, Jonathan Lawrence, Tiziana Lippiello, Chunrong Liu, Stephen Macedo, Avishai Margalit, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Toshio Miyake, Angela Moriggi, David Rasmussen, Adam Seligman, Marcella Simoni, Cass Sunstein, Francesca Tarocco, Nadia Urbinati, Ananya Vajpeyi, Michael Walzer.


The proceedings of the Venice Seminars are published every year by the renowned academic journal Philosophy & Social Criticism, SAGE Publications.



Venice Seminars ’22: Between State and Civil Society. Who Protects Individual Liberties and Human Dignity?

Venice Seminars 21: Free Speech, its Primacy and Challenges

Venice Seminars ‘20: Communities and the Individual: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Divide

Venice Seminars ‘19: Sources of Democracy: Citizenship, Social Cohesion and Ethical Values

Venice Seminars ‘18: Fountainheads of Toleration – Forms of Pluralism in Empires, Republics, Democracies

Venice Seminars ‘17: The Populist Upsurge and The Decline of Diversity Capital


Student Papers

Below is a selection of the best papers submitted at the completion of 2021 Summer School held in the context of the ResetDOC Venice Seminars on Toleration. The theme of the 2021 edition was Free Speech, its Primacy and Challenges.