• Cristoforo Spinella 6 November 2017
    When Melih Gökcek was mayor of the Turkish capital of Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appeared on the national stage as Istanbul’s highest ranking official. It was 1994 and victory in the nation’s two most important cities achieved by representatives of political Islam, marked a turning point in the balance of power in a country still largely in the hands of secular elites and governed by the army.
  • Marcella Emiliani talks to Ernesto Pagano 10 June 2010
    President Obama "has not lifted a finger" for the Middle Eastern peace process according to a caustic Marcella Emiliani, expert on the Middle East and associate professor at Bologna University. In spite of the media uproar, the Israeli blitz on the "Freedom Flotilla" has revealed the entirety of the White House’s inability, and that of the whole international community, to restart the peace process. And while Turkey “draws dangerously close to Iran," the Israeli government, "accustomed to never-ending international isolation,” continues to "move forward on its own path."
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