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Constitution is a key category, one of the most important, of modern political and legal theory.

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Citizenship means the shared political belonging of those living in the same state and all this belonging involves in terms of rights and duties.

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The philosophical justification of the idea of freedom is one of those enigmas all great philosophers have addressed, often concluding their imposing attempts by acknowledging the impossibility to access a firm Archimedean point placing freedom on a incontrovertible theoretical pedestal..

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It is possible to participate in a brutal event – such as gang rape, lynching, an ethnic cleansing operation – or in a humanitarian event – fund raising, collective adoption, sacrificing oneself in an exchange of prisoners..

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After the Nineties of the 20th Century tolerance returned to the centre stage in political thought, returning to fashion a concept that has certainly been central within the framework of political thought in modern times, but that appeared to have become a closed book with the French Revolution that...

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A month of ideas.
Giancarlo Bosetti Editor-in-chief
Association for dialogue and intercultural understanding




Internet is a mine of ideas and innovation. Compared to traditional media has a considerable advantage: multimediality, that is the possibility to avail itself of several media of communication, such as images, videos, music, and texts. Some webzines exploite this new potential exactly to better deal with intercultural issues.



In the Internet jargon a blog is an on-line diary. The term is a contraction of web-log, that is “trace on web”. Since 1997, when the first blogs were opened in America, they have rapidly spread all over the world, and become a real trend. Many intellectuals opened their blogs, where they offer a day by day comment on the events affecting their fields of expertise. A selection of the most interesting blogs from an intercultural perspective.


Science and Tecnique

Scientific inventions and the development of technique are fields where the civilizations have always found a great interest in cooperating, as shown by the history of the relationships between the West and the Islamic world. Even if today the latter is not in the van, there was a time when it was there that the new frontiers of technique run. In recent years, several websites were opened in order to remind the richness of intercultural exchanges in the field of scienze and technique.



Past is often divisive, the still burning wounds of old conflicts may be a burden to the present time. However the discourse of memory cannot be evaded. Its calm and true understanding is an ecceptional challenge for the coexistence of communities. There are projects whose aim is to fulfil the cohabitation through the research of a shared memory. And there are websites about them.



Europe is in the front-line in the dialogue among civilizations. According to some prominent intellectuals, it is exactly in the Old Continent that the integration between Islam and the West can pruduce its best results. Besides, the reflections and solutions that will come out of the European lab could positevely influence also Arab societies, by helping them in freeing themselves from the chains of the past. In this section, the websites of Euro-Islam.



Many believed that the improvements of science and tecnique, the spread of wealth and globalizations would have settled their death. Instead in the last decades, religions come back in the centre of the public scene, answering to a diffuse need of spirituality and/or collective identity, but raising new problems as well. How do religions evolve? Which is their contribution to dialogue among civilizations?


Arts and Literature

Frequently what politics cannot reach, it has been already reached by art. In the works of artists, as always, one can find traces of problems (and future solutions). Contemporary art experiments with more freedom and audacity. The cinema, that addresses the great audience, is a mirror that is useful to analyze. Artists and writers that deal with the issue of interculture.


Islam World

The events that involve countries of the Islamic world are increasingly attracting the attention of the world media, the migration of Muslim citizens gives rise to new challenges for the West that often doesn’t understand or ignores the Islamic world. Some websites in English, French and German can help in better orientating oneself through Muslim traditions and thought.


Magazines and Newspapers

The integration of citizens who belong to different cultures within the same community gives rise to more and more intense debates. But also the relationships among States are more and more dominated by cultural issues, as Samuel Huntigton already noticed in 1993. Magazines and newspapers of the world discuss about it. A selection of those papers that are more attentive to dialogue among civilizations.



Globalization has speeded up the rhythms of migrations, but in the global village the speed of information has increased even more rapidly. The old journals dedicate specific sections to the issues of integration and migration, and new e-magazines open in the internet to provide for intercultural news.



There are internationally known authors that devote their life to interculture. They represent a crucial point of reference in order to find an orientaton in very complicated issues. There are some websites dedicated to these authors, in several cases they are run directly by them and they are rich of hints, ideas, and audio and video material of great value.


Think Tanks

It is an English expression that literaly means “tank of ideas”. During the Second World War it stood for secret locations where military chiefs met in order to take crucial decisions. Today it refers to those groups of research, that are committed to specific scientific researches. The think-tank that deal with dialogue among civilizations.

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